Baidyanath Balarishta

Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan Pvt Ltd

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  Bottle of 450 ml Syrup

Information about Baidyanath Balarishta
Baidyanath Balarishta Syrup contains Bala, Satavari and Rasna to assist in the treatment of pains in the joints. Karshya is also included to treat cases of malnourishment while daurbalya is added to improve how well the body can respond to different treatments, thus allowing the body to become stronger when it is used properly. 
Baidyanath Balarishta syrup neutralises pains caused by rheumatoid arthritis and also works as a diuretic. 

Direction for use:
The Baidyanath syrup can be taken with 15 to 30mL mixed with an equal amount of water. This should be taken twice a day after a meal.

Use under medical supervision.

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