Cleartuss Tulsi Syrup Pack of 2

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  Bottle of 100 ml Syryp

Information about Cleartuss Tulsi Syrup Pack of 2
Cleartuss Tulsi Cough Syrup is a mixture of trusted herbs and ingredients that make it an ideal formulation to cure cough related to asthma, seasonal cold, bronchial congestion and whooping cough. It increases the viscid in the respiratory tract and thins down the mucus in the air passage, relaxing and opening the airway. 

Key Ingredients: 
• Tulsi extracts
• Bromhexine
• Guaiphenesin
• Terbutaline Sulphate

Key Benefits:
• Effective against cough caused due to common cold
• Helps in getting relief from breathing illness
• Cures sinusitis, congestion
• Highly beneficial in treating asthma, cough and cold, sore throat
• Possess antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties

Usage Directions:
• As prescribed by the physician

Safety Information:
• Read the label carefully before use
• Keep out of the reach of children

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