Hamdard Habb-E-Hamal

Hamdard Laboratories India

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Information about Hamdard Habb-E-Hamal
Hamdard Habb­-E-­Hamal each pill of 370 mg contains : Afyun 1.58 mg, Jaifal 44.98 mg, Zafran 12.68 mg, Bhang 22.11 mg, Purana Gurh 69.50 mg, Chhalia 214.80 mg, Laung 4.40 mg (without mushk).
Hamdard Habb­-E-­Hamal is recommended for Female Infertility. If the sterility is caused by uterine atony, metritis or any other uterine disorder, in these conditions, Habb­-E-Hamal plays an important role in conception.
Directions of use:
Hamdard Habb-­E-­Hamal 1 tablet at empty stomach early in the morning and at bedtime with fresh water after completion of the menstrual period. This should be continued for 3 days. If no conception takes place, this should be repeated for next 2 or 3 periods (3 courses).
Use under medical supervision.

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