Kerala Ayurveda Mahathikthaka Ghritham

Kerala Ayurveda Limited

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Information about Kerala Ayurveda Mahathikthaka Ghritham
Kerala Ayurveda Mahathikthaka Ghritham. 

Key benefits of Kerala Ayurveda Mahathikthaka Ghritham: 
Act as a blood purifier, immunomodulator, anti-inflammatory, anti-infective, and psychotropic. 

Direction for use: 
As directed by the healthcare professional. 

Skin diseases of inflammatory nature, Erysipelas, Pruritus, Carbuncle, Chronic ulcer, Lymphadenitis, Inflammation & Odema, Burning sensation, Polydipsia, Giddiness, Anaemia, Gas trouble, Sprue, Jaundice, Goitre, Psychotic state, Intoxication, Epilepsy, Epigastric distress, Defective vision, Inflammation of eye, Hyper pigmentation, Vitiligo, Nonspecific uterine bleeding, & Neuro dermatoses. 

Safety information: 
Keep out of the reach and sight of the children. 

Use under medical supervision. 

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