So Sweet Xylitol Pack of 2

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  Packet of 250 gm Pouch

Information about So Sweet Xylitol Pack of 2
So Sweet Xylitol contains Xylitol as its main ingredient. Xylitol is primarily a natural substance found in gristly fruits and vegetables as well as in corn cobs and various hardwood trees. While sugar can mess up our system, Xylitol rebuilds and restores our bodily systems. It's five carbon sugar property makes it impossible for the bacteria to feed on it. Xylitol is non-fermentable and its long-term use suppresses the most detrimental strains of oral bacteria.
Key benefits of So Sweet Xylitol:
Zero Calories and no Carbohydrates.
Natural sweetener that lacks any chemical components.
Known to cure varied ailments.
Completely natural herbal sweetener.
Great alternative to sugar and safe for diabetics and the health conscious.
Use under medical supervision.

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