Allen Tonokid Children's Tonic

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  Bottle of 100 ml Tonic
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Information about Allen Tonokid Children's Tonic

Indications- An Ideal tonic for building up of tissue, hence of great use in debility, emaciation, Marasmus & helps gain weight, promotes proper digestion and assimilation. Prevents falling ill frequently.

Composition   Each 5ml. Contains:   Lecithin 3x 0.05 gm. Oleum jecoris aselli 3x 0.10 gm. Alfalfa Q 0.10 ml. Avena sativa Q 0.05 ml. Calcarea fluorica 3x 0.010  gm. Calcarea phosphorica 3x 0.010  gm. Calcarea sulphurica 3x 0.010  gm. Ferrum phosphoricum 3x 0.010  gm. Kali muriaticum 3x 0.010  gm. Kali phosphoricum 3x 0.010  gm. Kali sulphuricum 3x 0.010  gm. Magnesium phosphoricum 3x 0.010  gm. Natrum muriaticum 3x 0.010  gm. Natrum phosphoricum 3x 0.010  gm. Natrum sulphuricum 3x 0.010  gm. Silicea 3x 0.010  gm. Glycerinum  Q 0.10 ml. Cinchona officinalis Q 0.05 ml. Lycopodium clavatum Q 0.05 ml. Emblica officinalis Q 0.05 ml. Cinnabaris 3x 0.05 gm. In Syrup & Sweetener Base Alcohol 6.80 % v/v.   Dosage: One or two teaspoonfuls after food thrice a day or as directed by the Physician.

Use under medical supervision.

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