New Life Bach Flower Cherry Plum 30

New Life Laboratories Pvt Ltd

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Information about New Life Bach Flower Cherry Plum 30
New Life Bach Flower Cherry Plum 30 is a homeopathic medicine for people who have psychological disorders such as having an immense fear of losing their control, their temper or any tantrums. Being abusive and outrageous to others without any valid reason. Such personalities experience powerful and irrational fears. They can be snappy and edgy that they want to scream and behave uncharacteristically violent, either to themselves or to others.

Key Ingredient:
Prunus cerasifera

Key Benefits:
It brings calmness, rationality, and peace
It helps in guiding your mind and become fearless with great control
It helps you deal with a fear of mind being over-strained
Useful to treat various kinds of psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression and mood swings
Helpful for those who are easily irritated and tensed
Helpful in treating post traumatic stress disorder
Useful in daydreaming issues in people

Directions For Use:
Use 5-10 drops 3-4 times a day or, as directed by the physician.

Safety Information:
Keep out of reach of children
Use under medical supervision
Read the instructions before use
Do not exceed recommended dosage
Store in a cool and dry place

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