Wheezal WL18 Influenza Drop

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  Bottle of 30 ml

Information about Wheezal WL18 Influenza Drop
Wheezal WL18 Influenza Drop is a homeopathic remedy for the treatment of Influenza. Influenza causes flu like symptoms mainly runny nose, high body temperature with body pains, headache, restlessness, cough and constant sneezing. It is caused by Influenza virus and can become a problem if left untreated. 

• Aco.Nap
• Baptisia
• Bryonia
• Eucalyptus
• Eupatorium Perf
• Gelsemium

• Primarily prescribed to provide relief from influenza and its associated issues
• Provides relief from runny nose, high body temperature and painful headache
• Soothes sore throat and relieves cough with body ache
• Treats dry mucous membranes and provides relief from dry coughing and irritation in upper trachea
• Influenza in severe cases may cause enlargement of tonsils and inflamed throat. Use of Wheezal Influenza drops treats any such conditions
• Reduces body temperature and reduces soreness of muscles and bones
• Provides relief from chronic cough and sneezing
• Its homeopathic formulation is safe to use and is free from any side effects

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