Clean & Clear Black Head Scrub

Johnson & Johnson Ltd

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  Tube of 20 Gm

Clean and Clear brings you this Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub for the instant and long-lasting results. This scrub contains jojoba extracts which acts as a purifier, removing dirt and excess oil directly from the pores. The unique, quick Active Break Up complex aids in removing blackheads from day one. The micro beads in this scrub also gets rid of dead skin cells, leaving your skin refreshed and revitalized. This product contains apple extracts which are effective in balancing the skins natural PH levels. Orange peel essence is extremely high in vitamin C and this leaves your skin revived and refreshed, with a smooth, matte appeal. Glycerin provides moisture that feeds your skin, penetrating deep down into the dermis. This energising face wash won't clog your pores and it ideal for people who have oily skin. Use this face wash to rid your skin of blackheads forever. Easy-to-use and highly effective, ensure your skin gets all it needs with Clean and Clear.

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