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Gel of 8 gm

Medicine Overview of MANFORCE STAYLONG Gel 8gm

Information About Manforce Staylong Gel

Manforce Staylon Gel Contains Lidocaine And Prilocaine As The Active Ingredient. 
- The Gel Acts As The Local Anesthetic 
- Prevents Premature Ejaculation And Rapid Ejaculation In Males 
- Increases Your Sexual Activity 

Key Benefits/uses Of Manforce Staylon Gel 
- Lidociane Has A Rapid Onset Of Action And Anaesthesia Is Obtained Within A Few Minutes, With An Intermediate Duration Of Action 
- Prilocaine Has A Slower Onset Of Action With The Slightly Longer Duration Of Action
- So, The Combination Of Lidocaine And Prilocaine Provides A Rapid Onset Of Action, Optimized Penetration, Maximum Depth Of Neural Blockade And Lesser Time Of Onset Of Numbness 
- Treats Premature Ejaculation In Men 
- Improves Sexual Performance 
- Removes Distress, Frustration And/or The Avoidance Of Sexual Intimacy 

Direction For Use/Dosage: 
- Apply Gel 20 Minutes Before Sexual Intercourse The Penis, To Increase Ejaculation Time By 6- 8 Minutes
- Apply Thinly On The Glans Penis And Distal Shaft And Covered By A Condom For 20- 25 Minutes. Condom Is Required To Minimize The Effect Of The Cream Upon Vaginal Sensation, As It May Cause The Lower Sensation 
- If The Condom Is Removed For Intercourse, The Residual Cream Should Be Washed Off
- The High Water Content Of This Mixture Enables It To Penetrate The Intact Skin Of The Penis
- If You Apply More Than 30 Minutes There Are Chances Of Erection Loss Because Of Numbness

- Erectile Dysfunction 

Storage Instruction: 
- Store In A Cool, Dry & Dark Place 
- Protect From Direct Sunlight 

Safety Information: 
- Only For Topical Application 
- Read The Label Carefully Before Use 
- Do Not Exceed The Recommended Dose 
- Keep Out Of The Reach And Sight Of Children

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