Parasoft Body Milk Lotion

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  Bottle of 100 ml Lotion

Information about Parasoft Body Milk Lotion
Parasoft Body Milk Lotion is an emollient for the normal skin. It serves as a skin nourisher and provides moisturizing benefits to the skin. Additionally the lotion is enriched with the benefits of mango butter that provides a natural occlusive, protective layer to skin. It actively replenishes the moisture and keeps the skin healthy, hydrated and silky. The lotion contains Aloe vera, Vitamins B3 and B5, Shea butter and Lecigel.

Role of active ingredients:
Aloe vera serves as a moisturizer for dry skin. It helps in building up collagen and elastin and thereby increase firmness of the skin. 
Vitamin B3, also known as niacinamide, strengthens the skins anti-aging process by providing NADH and NADPH (which deplete as one ages). These enzymes contribute to the production of cellular energy and lipids which help in cell growth. 
Vitamin B5, also known as panthenol, stabilizes the skin surface and acts as barrier. It helps by reducing the water loss and gradually improve the softness and elasticity. 
Shea butter plays an integral role similar to those played by the sebaceous glands of the skin. They provide a continuous hydration and moisture to the skin. It also provides additional anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin.
Lecigel, phospholipid in nature, is a gelling agent used in the formulation of creams. The agent has emulsifying properties and increases the viscosity of the formulations. Additionally it also adds stability to the creams/lotions. 

Use under medical supervision

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