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Rx Prescription Required

Potentially unsafe with Alcohol

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Medicine Overview of Magins Tablet

Information About Magins Tablet
Magins Tablet Is A Dietary Supplement Used Primarily For The Treatment Of Low Levels Of Magnesium Oxide In The Blood. It Is Important For The Normal Functioning Of Cells, Nerves, Muscles, Bones And Heart. 

Key Ingredients:
Magnesium Oxide

Key Benefits:
Ensures Normal Functioning Of Cells And Helps Treat Digestive Disorders
Contains Mild Laxative Properties Which Help Treat Constipation And Promotes Better Digestion
Magnesium Oxide Acts As An Antacid Which Helps Alleviate Acid Reflux

Directions For Use:
Take 1 Capsule Daily, Preferably With Meals As Directed By The Physician. 

Safety Information:
A Dietary Supplement Not Intended For Medicinal Use
Read The Label Carefully Before Use
Do Not Exceed The Recommended Dose
Keep Out Of The Reach Of Children
Store In A Cool Dry Place Away From Direct Sunlight And Heat

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