Mesalo Foam 82Gm

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Rx Prescription Required

Potentially unsafe with Alcohol

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Pack of 82 GM

Medicine Overview of Mesalo Foam 82Gm

MESALO FOAM Contains Mesalazine Which Belongs To A Group Of Medicines Called Salicylates


Always Use MESALO FOAM Exactly As Your Doctor Has Told You
The Enema Should Be Used In The Back Passage (rectum) Only
Usually Your Doctor Will Ask You To Use One Enema At Bedtime
How To Use The Enema

Shake The Bottle Before Use After Taking Out Of The Aluminium Foil Pack
To Break The Seal, Twist The Nozzle Clockwise One Full Turn
Put Your Hand In One Of The Plastic Disposal Bags Provided In The Pack
To Administer The Enema, Lie On Your Left Side With The Left Leg Straight And The Right Leg Bent Forward For Balance
Carefully Insert The Applicator Tip Into The Rectum
Maintain Sufficient Steady Hand Pressure While Dispersing The Bottle Content
The Bottle Content Should Be Applied Within Max. 30-40 Seconds

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