Movicol Liquid Orange

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Polyethelene Glycol 13.125gm+Potassium Chloride 46.6mg+Sodium Bicarbonate 178.5mg+Sodium Chloride 350..7mg


Rx Prescription Required

Potentially unsafe with Alcohol

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1.44/ml Liquid
Bottle of 200 ml Liquid

Medicine Overview of Movicol Liquid Orange

Information About Movicol Liquid Orange
Movicol Liquid Contains Polyethylene Glycol, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate And Potassium Chloride As Active Ingredients.
- The Flavored Oral Solution Softens Stools And Relieves Constipation. It Also Helps In A Comfortable Bowel Movement. 
- Free From Sucrose, Glucose, And Lactose.

Key Benefits/uses Of Movicol Liquid Solution:
- Polyethylene Glycol Cleanses Stool From The Gastro-Intestinal Tract.
- Sodium Chloride Is Used To Meet The Sodium Levels Of The Body.
- Potassium Chloride Is An Important Mineral And Is Prescribed During Hypokalemia. It Is Required For The Healthy Organ Functioning.
- Sodium Bicarbonate Suppresses High Acid Levels In The Stomach. It Is Used To Treat Heartburn And Acidity.
- Treats Constipation And Helps In Comfortable Bowel Movement.

Direction For Use/Dosage:
Consume Movicol Liquid As Directed By The Physician.


Storage Instructions:
- Store In A Cool, Dry & Dark Place
- Protect From Direct Sunlight

Safety Information:
- Must Be Diluted Before Use
- Read The Label Carefully Before Use 
- Do Not Exceed The Recommended Dose
- Keep Out Of The Reach And Sight Of Children

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